MadeSolid Is Better Materials For 3D Printers

madesolidMadeSolid has a vision to advance the capabilities of 3D printers through better materials.  Existing popular 3D printers like MakerBot utilize fused deposition modeling (FDM), an extrusion process involving heated plastic filament.  Stereolithography (SLA) is a more advanced technology that sculpts by firing a laser on a vat of UV curable liquid resin.  Formlabs Form 1 is one such 3D printer that uses SLA.  MadeSolid formulates and sells new types of consumable materials for creating better projects on both FDM and SLA 3D printers. Continue reading

Pebble App Challenge Finalists Announced

pebble-app-challenge-winnerPebble Smartwatch has announced the sixteen finalist apps in its first-ever Pebble App Challenge.  The developer of each of these apps will receive a Pebble Steel.  These sixteen apps will also compete through the first week of April to determine the winner of the $5,000 prize.  Each app submitted to the contest has its own app details page on the Pebble App Challenge website.  Many of these apps have video demonstrations, which are worth checking out.  Below are details of all sixteen finalist apps. Continue reading

Virtual Reality: Real Products for Cyberspace

virtual_reality_alicia_silverstoneVirtual reality got me interested in technology in the early 1990’s.  Two decades ago, “cyberspace” was still an exciting new concept.  I’ve met several virtual reality pioneers over the years, including VPL Research co-founder Jaron Lanier, hardware hacker Mitch Altman, and cyberpunk sci-fi author Rudy Rucker.  The vision for virtual reality was the ability to put on a pair of stereoscopic glasses and instantly join a realtime tribal jam session with other cybercitizens playing MIDI-powered virtual instruments.  The recent acquisition of Oculus by Facebook breathes new life into virtual reality.  However, 3d glasses themselves are little more than fancy telephones (Eyephones).  SpaceBase, Thalmic Labs MYO Armband, Meta SpaceGlasses, and Casetext are YC companies building solutions with virtual reality applications. Continue reading

YC Startups: Tell Me About Upcoming Events

ycuniverseYCUniversecom, this website’s Twitter account, follows every known YC startup.  Startups frequently mention upcoming events they are either sponsoring or attending.  However, the startups don’t do an effective job of promoting the event.  Mentioning immediately before, or during, the event doesn’t give anybody an opportunity to plan to attend.  Also, tweets limit your audience to people that already follow you and just happen to notice the tweet in their timeline.  My solution: An upcoming events page to list events either hosted by or featuring YC-funded startups. Continue reading

Teespring Is Crowdfunded Apparel To Raise Money And Build Awareness

TeespringTeespring is an easy way to raise money for fundraisers, groups, and communities by selling apparel with a custom message and graphics.  Simply design the shirt, choose the price, and set a minimum sales goal.  Shirts only get printed if the goal is met, so there’s no upfront cost or risk.  Teespring handles buyer billing, shirt printing, and shipping to customers.  The fundraiser then gets a check from Teespring for the profit.  This is a great startup to mention now that its once again the season for “t-shirt weather”. Continue reading