OMGPOP Shut Down By Zynga

OMGPOP, from YC S07 and makers of Draw Something, was acquired last year by Zynga for $180 million dollars.  Yesterday, Zynga announced major layoffs: 520 employees (18% of its workforce) and closure of three major offices (New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas).  Based on a series of tweets by OMGPOP personnel,  those layoffs apparently include OMGPOP’s offices and […]

Games People Play: Heyzap, Humble Bundle, And Kamcord Provide Discovery, Monetization, and Sharing

Winning as an independent game developer requires more than graphics, mechanics, and a soundtrack.  Hit games mean big rewards, though.  OMGPOP was acquired in 2012 for at least $180 million dollars.  Just one game, Draw Something, is largely to credit for that company’s success.  Draw Something went viral in less than two months, gaining more […]

Codecademy Is Free Interactive Computer Programming Lessons For HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, & Ruby

Codecademy is user-contributed tutorials for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.  There’s a gallery of specific projects, including Build a Cash Register and A Night at the Movies.  Despite some issues, Codecademy has legitimate potential.  Zach Sims, Codecademy co-founder, was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert on ‘Colbert Report’ (embedded below).

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m

“As of now, 37 YC cos have valuations of or sold for at least $40m.” That’s according to a recent tweet by Paul Graham.  Mr. Graham elaborates in a follow-up tweet that 37 is from a total 511 companies.  So about 7% of all YC companies either are, or were at the time of their […]

Y Combinator Companies

Last Updated December 2013. Y Combinator Companies This is the most comprehensive and well-researched list anywhere on the Internet of companies funded by Y Combinator. As of Fall 2013, this list includes details of an investment portfolio consisting of more than 500 companies, in over 40 markets, totaling 9 million dollars invested across 17 semi-annual […]


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Swapbox is a startup based in San Francisco, founded by a team with work experience from Google, Microsoft, and Zynga. With Swapbox you no longer have to worry about missing deliveries. Use your Swapbox shipping address and your packages will be waiting for you at our nearest location. Swapbox is currently available on Stanford Campus in Palo Alto and in San Francisco.