Y Combinator Gains Five New Partners, IPO Experience

Y Combinator Kevin Hale Wufoo Michael Seibel Socialcam Steve Huffman Hipmunk Reddit SurveyMonkey Autodesk Conde Nast Dalton Caldwell Andrew Mason App.net imeem MySpace Groupon Harj Taggar Auctomatic Stripe Y Combinator has added four new part-time partners, one new full-time partner, and a full-time partner is reducing his role to part-time.  That’s all according to a [...]

Posterous Alternatives

Posterous Twitter Weebly Posthaven Posterous, from YC S08, will shut down on April 30.  The team behind the popular “share anything” blogging platform was acqui-hired by Twitter in March 2012.  If you use Posterous and have waited until the last minute to move your blogs, you still have some options.  Those options include Weebly and [...]