Y Combinator Gains Five New Partners, IPO Experience

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Y CombinatorY Combinator has added four new part-time partners, one new full-time partner, and a full-time partner is reducing his role to part-time.  That’s all according to a post on the official Y Combinator blog at Posthaven.  Three of these new advisors have previously founded YC-funded startups.  One of the new advisors is the first YC partner with direct experience taking a company through an initial public offering. Continue reading

Crocodoc Acquired By Box

Crocodoc Box Dropbox

crocodocCrocodoc has been acquired by Box, announced by Box via press release and Crocodoc’s company blog.  Crocodoc is a YC W10 company that makes document-management technology that is used primarily by businesses.  Crocodoc’s products include software that converts Microsoft Office files into HTML5, secure document embedding and sharing solutions, and workflow collaboration tools.  This acquisition is an exciting milestone in the ongoing competition for enterprise dominance. Continue reading

Parse Acquired By Facebook

Parse Facebook

ParseParse has been acquired by Facebook, as announced today on the Parse company blog and Facebook Developer blog.  Parse is a platform-as-a-service for creating full-featured mobile apps.  The “Heroku for mobile” went through YC S11 and now powers more than 60,000 apps.  Comments from Parse and Facebook indicate this acquisition addresses long-term objectives for both companies, rather than merely being an acquisition for talent. Continue reading

COLOURlovers Is A Visual Community


Spiral MindCOLOURlovers enables you to create color palettes, share custom patterns, name colors, and discuss color inspiration ideas.  Over a million user-submitted color palettes is the site’s feature attraction, all of which can be downloaded in various formats.  COLOURlovers has various tools for selecting colors that work well together, gathering color palettes from photos, and customizing the Twitter.  The patterns are handy, downloadable for smartphones and wallpaper in proper dimensions. Continue reading

Kytetime Lets Parents Monitor Smartphones

Kytetime Kytephone

JailbaitKytetime is an app and service that enables parents to monitor their teen’s Android smartphone.  The app, available on Google Play, lets parents schedule when apps can be accessed and uses the smartphone’s GPS to track their kid’s whereabouts.  The service, Parent Dashboard, uses the app’s data to create reports about app usage, viewed Internet sites, and a history of locations submitted through the smartphone GPS. Continue reading