Zenefits Provides Group Policy Quotes For Medical Insurance Coverage; Obamacare Insurance Exchanges Open Today

Insurance exchanges for health care coverage open today as part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  People can sign-up for coverage at healthcare.gov.  However, many employers must also start providing employees with medical insurance coverage beginning in 2015.  Zenefits provides group policy quotes for medical insurance and also payroll processing services.  I wrote about Zenefits this past […]

Zenefits and the Art of HR Maintenance

Zenefits provides small businesses with free outsourced management of employee benefits, payroll processing, and other human resources.  The service, from YC W13, is completely free because it earns commissions from insurance companies.  Insurance reform provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) take effect at the beginning of 2014.  Many employers must also provide employee insurance starting […]

Zenefits Is Convenient Human Resources

Zenefits seeks to eliminate the frustration of human resources.  The company started as a California insurance broker for small businesses, providing group coverage quotes for medical, dental, and vision.  Zenefits made two announcements this week: a new payroll processing service and also expansion to New York.

Profit By Hacking The Law

Corporations in the high-tech industry spend millions of dollars every year in Washington, D.C.  That money is spent on influencing politicians to change the laws that affect those companies’ agendas.  Big corporations need not be only ones to profit from public policy, though.  Businesses of all sizes can hack potential growth simply by paying attention […]

YCW13 Companies

YCW13 is winding down towards Demo Day on March 26.  About a month before Demo Day, the companies start showing up in the press.  Professional courtesy is that I don’t add companies to the YC Companies page until I see them announce publicly on sites like TechCrunch, Hacker News, and the official YC Posterous. Right now, […]


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Zenefits finds and manages employee benefits for businesses. Get quotes for medical, vision, dental, and 401k. Transportation and cell phone benefits are coming soon. Zenefits sets up payroll deductions and manages recurring human resource work. Zenefits already integrates with ADP, Intuit, and Zen Payroll.