Immunity Project HIV/AIDS Vaccine Reaches $462K Fundraising Goal


immunityImmunity Project has reached its fundraising goal.  Pledges currently exceed the final goal of $462k.  Immunity Project is a non-profit organization on track to begin testing an HIV vaccine by year’s end.  Tax-deductible contributions will fund a final experiment before Phase I clinical trials can begin on humans.

Experimenting With Human Blood

Immunity Project had an original goal of $482k.  In late January, the budget was reduced $20k by finding a less expensive Flow Cytometer with assistance from BioSurplus.  Additional partners Startup Social,, and Teespring also joined the effort to help raise funds.  This final experiment will test whether the vaccine can successfully immunize human blood against HIV in a controlled external environment.  Of the $462K budget, $117K is required for lab materials and $345K funds the experiment itself.  An itemized explanation of these amounts is on the Immunity Project Crowdhoster website.

What’s Next For Immunity Project

After this experiment, Immunity Project can proceed to a pre-Investigational New Drug  (IND) meeting with the FDA.  The pre-IND meeting begins the process of FDA human clinical trials.  These real-world tests are expensive and time-consuming.  Phase I clinical trials for this HIV/AIDS vaccine will cost an estimated $25 million dollars.  Planning and organizing Phase I clinical trials will take the remainder of the year, with U.S. vaccine dosing starting in December.  Initial Phase I dosing in Africa is scheduled to begin June 2015.

Every Dollar Contributed Helps

Contributions to Immunity Project can be pledged now for as little as $1.00.  Donations go to the fiscal sponsor, Until There’s A Cure, a leading HIV/AIDS focused 501(c)3 organization.  Money will then be used by Immunity Project.


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