Authy Is Two-Factor Authentication For Security Beyond Passwords


authyAuthy enables everybody to have the extra security of two-factor authentication instead of just passwords.  Keeping track of websites that offer two-factor authentication is easy with Authy’s free app on iOS AppStore and Google Play for Android.  Developers can add two-factor authentication using Authy’s free platform.  Mainstream news reports like the recent Heartbleed Bug are reminders that passwords themselves don’t provide much security.  Two-factor authentication is simpler than it sounds.  Many popular websites already support two-factor authentication.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, also called two-step verification, simply means logging in requires more than just a password.  Many people already use a form of two-factor authentication with their debit card.  Sliding the debit card is one factor, which is physical possession of the card.  Typing the pin number is the second factor, which is knowing the pin.  Both factors are required to use the debit card.  In the case of online services, passwords are one factor and a temporary pin called a token is typically the second factor.  Temporary pins expire quickly, usually within a few minutes.

Authy Is A Two-Factor Authentication Platform

Authy makes it easy for companies and websites to implement two-factor authentication.  Temporary pins are sent to users by Authy through a secure smartphone app, SMS text message, phone call, or keychain-sized key fob/dongle.  Authy uses secure 256-bit private encryption keys that can be changed instantly.  Compliance standards supported include PCI, HIPAA, and FIPS.  Developers can add two-factor authentication using Authy’s free platform and REST API.  Organizations can manage security policies and audit logs with Authy’s enterprise-level dashboard.

Extra Security That Everybody Can Use

Most major websites that manage user data already support two-factor authentication.  Organizations that keep sensitive user information like emails, financial transactions, or EHR/EMR medical data have no excuse for not implementing a method of two-factor authentication.  Authy is a secure option for two-factor authentication that is simple to use and easy to implement.

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