Teespring Is Crowdfunded Apparel To Raise Money And Build Awareness


TeespringTeespring is an easy way to raise money for fundraisers, groups, and communities by selling apparel with a custom message and graphics.  Simply design the shirt, choose the price, and set a minimum sales goal.  Shirts only get printed if the goal is met, so there’s no upfront cost or risk.  Teespring handles buyer billing, shirt printing, and shipping to customers.  The fundraiser then gets a check from Teespring for the profit.  This is a great startup to mention now that its once again the season for “t-shirt weather”.

Free Website Hosting

Campaign hosting is provided by Teespring.  Each fundraiser gets its own webpage with campaign details, social media sharing links, and payment processing.  Teespring also sells premium consultation services for organizations that want help with design, strategy, and marketing.

Hacker News: Wear Something People Want.

Hacker News T-Shirt To Support Watsi.org Through Teespring

Various Shirt Styles

In addition to basic t-shirts, Teespring also has women’s tees, athletic performance tees, pre-printed camouflage tees, v-neck tees, long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.  Colors available number between a dozen and thirty, depending on the type of shirt.  It’s not obvious until you create a campaign that Teespring offers all these additional shirt options, though.  Teespring might consider creating a page on its website dedicated to showing all its available apparel types.

Great Solution for Fundraisers

Teespring went through YC W13 and subsequently raised money from additional investors.  I frequently notice fundraisers online that use Teespring.  YCUniverse.com supported Watsi.org a year ago through a Teespring campaign.  This startup makes it easy to raise funds by avoiding both the upfront risk of spending money and hassle of managing inventory.  Teespring is a great solution for causes and fundraisers.

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