Pebble Smartwatch Announces Developer App Challenge For Cash And Prizes


pebble-app-challenge-winnerPebble is currently having a Pebble App Challenge.  Developers of Pebble smartwatch apps can compete by submitting apps between now and March 23.  The winner gets $5,000.  The top 16 finalists each receive a Pebble Steel.  The winner will be chosen by two rounds of voting between March 24 and the first week of April.

Pebble App Challenge Deadlines

App submissions are due by 5pm PST March 23.  The Top 16 finalists are determined on the Pebble App Challenge website by open voting between March 24 and March 27.  Registered Pebble users will vote on the winner through a bracket-based series of matches between pairs of finalists during the first week of April.

Round 1 - Now until 5pm PST March 23 - App submissions by developers.

Round 2 - March 24 to March 27 - Open voting by general public on the Pebble App Challenge website to determine 16 finalists.  Finalists each receive a free Pebble Steel.

Round 3 - First week of April - Winner chosen by bracket-based matches between finalists.

Additional Details

Apps entered to the Pebble App Challenge must use Pebble SDK 2.0 and be submitted on Pebble appstore, available through both Pebble iOS app on Apple iTunes Appstore and Pebble Android app on Google Play.  The challenge is open to all apps available in the Pebble appstore, meaning existing apps may compete.  Developers may also enter multiple apps.  Paid apps may enter the challenge.  However, developers should consider offering the app for free to increase downloads and votes necessary to win.

More details are available on the Pebble App Challenge website, Pebble forums, and @PebbleDev on Twitter.

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