Coinbase Is A YC-Funded Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase, from YC S12, is a Bitcoin money transfer service.  Coinbase serves as a Bitcoin wallet, which is a personal virtual piggybank for saving, spending, and receiving Bitcoins.  Bitcoin is decentralized, not backed by any government, and presently lacks legal regulations or any form of deposit insurance like FDIC.  Therefore, choosing a reputable wallet provider is an important […]

Cryptocurrency Is More Than Just Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency implies security.  The “crypto” in cryptocurrency means cryptography.  Bitcoin is one form of cryptocurrency.  There’s other cryptocurrencies like litecoin, dogecoin, and potcoin.  I’d personally like to see alfcoin.  People keep asking for my opinion of Bitcoin.  I’m pro-cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin not so much.

Profit By Hacking The Law

Corporations in the high-tech industry spend millions of dollars every year in Washington, D.C.  That money is spent on influencing politicians to change the laws that affect those companies’ agendas.  Big corporations need not be only ones to profit from public policy, though.  Businesses of all sizes can hack potential growth simply by paying attention […]

Bitcoin Is The New Gold Rush

Bitcoin reminds me both of the personal computer revolution and the mid-1990s Digital Revolution.  Both were moments in history that resulted in entirely new industries that changed how people do business and created new wealth in the process.  Bitcoin has recently shown signs of being a similarly disruptive innovation.


General Description
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Coinbase is a bitcoin-based money transfer services that enables people to send and receive money, instantly and securely, anywhere in the world.