Dropbox Hosts Developer Conference

How much longer can Dropbox charge for something everybody else is now offering for free?  The answer to that question seems to involve developers.  Dropbox DBX was held Tuesday, the company’s first ever developer conference.  New developer resources were announced.  There was also a Q & A session with questions about the company’s business model and […]

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m

“As of now, 37 YC cos have valuations of or sold for at least $40m.” That’s according to a recent tweet by Paul Graham.  Mr. Graham elaborates in a follow-up tweet that 37 is from a total 511 companies.  So about 7% of all YC companies either are, or were at the time of their […]

Dropbox Expands Into The Enterprise

Dropbox for Business is the new name of Dropbox for Teams, announced today on the Dropbox company blog.  Prior to this announcement, Dropbox has clearly been building an arsenal to stake its claim in the highly-profitable market of enterprise software.  Disruptive enterprise solutions have gained a lot of attention in recent months.

Y Combinator Companies

Last Updated December 2013. Y Combinator Companies This is the most comprehensive and well-researched list anywhere on the Internet of companies funded by Y Combinator. As of Fall 2013, this list includes details of an investment portfolio consisting of more than 500 companies, in over 40 markets, totaling 9 million dollars invested across 17 semi-annual […]


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