New York Building Supervisors Warn Tenants: Airbnb Is Not Welcome Here. [Airbnb Lawsuit Filings Attached]


airbnbNew York property managers don’t want their buildings in online listings of cheap nightly rentals.  Building supervisors have begun formally warning residents against listing their apartment on short-term rental services like Airbnb.  Property managers are also asking tenants to report neighbors they suspect are using such services.  Airbnb’s Fight Against New York And Protecting The Forgotten Rights of Neighbors was my previous post about the company’s ongoing controversy in New York.  Provided by journalist Nancy Scola, embedded at the bottom of this post are Airbnb’s filings in its suit against the New York Attorney General.

TF Cornerstone, based in Manhattan, is one of the New York property managers now formally warning tenants about Airbnb.  Many residents had “complained about the security of random guests coming in and out of the building.”  The property manager finally sent an email to its tenants, warning that Airbnb “creates an overall security risk and a transient environment in the building.”  TF Cornerstone then cites the relevant sections of its leases that prohibit subletting.  Finally, tenants are advised to contact the building supervisor if they suspect neighbors are doing something that negatively affects the building.

Services like Airbnb have already been made illegal in the State of New York.  The only exceptions are single-room rentals when the host remains on the premises with the guest.  Airbnb doesn’t seem to care about New York laws, though.  For guests, the service currently lists more than 1,000 entire apartments available for nightly rental throughout New York.  For hosts, Airbnb will even take free professional photos of your apartment.  The goal is increasing nightly rentals, resulting in more host service fees.  Airbnb collects those fees as an intermediary involved in every transaction before earnings are paid to hosts.

"Pick A Neighborhood", Airbnb New York

“Pick A Neighborhood”,
Airbnb New York

The battle line in New York is becoming clear.  On on side: Airbnb, hosts, and guests.  On the other side: The State of New York, neighbors, and property owners.  Airbnb is spending millions of dollars on public relations.  Hosts themselves have started a petition to legalize Airbnb in New York.  Against all that, The State of New York has the law on its side.  Neighbors and property owners don’t have money to spend on PR campaigns and their opinions are largely not being heard about this.  However, for every Airbnb host there are other tenants that don’t want to share their building with a cheap nightly motel.  Those other tenants might be the silent majority.

Embedded below are Airbnb’s filings in its lawsuit to block the request by the New York Attorney General for details about New York hosts.  These documents were provided by Nancy Scola, a professional journalist based in New York City.


Airbnb Petition Against The State Of New York


Airbnb Memorandum Of Law In Support Of Its Petition


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