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Y Combinator Universe seeks to be a valuable resource of news, analysis, opinions, and information about startups, technology, and the high-tech industry.


Patrick Keys started Y Combinator Universe in 2010.  At that time, a new generation of technology companies was emerging at a pace unseen since the the late 1990’s.  Patrick decided to write about all this innovation, drawing on his own experience of living in San Francisco during the dot-com era and many years of following the tech sector.

About The Name

In computer science, the y combinator is a function that invokes other functions and can even invoke itself.  In the real world, the universe is likewise an infinite routine of creation and self-creation.  Simply put, one thing leads to another.

What is a Y Combinator

According to Wikipedia:

Y combinator is one of the most well-known fixed-point combinators in untyped lambda calculus. In computer science, a fixed-point combinator (or fixpoint combinator) is a higher-order function… A higher-order function (also functional form, functional or functor) is a function that takes one or more functions as an input and/or outputs a function.

Business Development

Y Combinator Universe is always seeking new ideas for products and services we can offer.  Please email any business-related ideas, inquiries, or partnership opportunities to tips@ycuniverse.com .

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“Y Combinator Universe”, “ycuniverse”, and “ycuniverse.com” are trademarks and/or service marks of Patrick Keys.  The copyright in all material provided on this website is held by Patrick Keys and/or the original creator of the material.  Copyright 2010 – 2015.  All rights reserved.


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Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source. – Tao Te Ching


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