Female Founders Conference On March 1


xxcombinatorGenevieve Pearson and the other two finalists were women on season 1 of King of the Nerds.  So that’s scientific proof right there female nerds exists.  Anyway, Y Combinator is holding a Female Founders Conference on March 1.  Application deadline to attend is February 3.  This event is an indirect result of Paul Graham saying he was recently accused of believing things he doesn’t believe about women as programmers and startup founders.

Women actually seem to be a well-represented demographic in Y Combinator.  I’m willing to accept Paul Graham’s comment at face-value that YC has “more female founders than VCs do… In the current YC batch, 16 out of 68 companies, or 24%, have female founders.”

The Female Founders Conference is just for women.  Speakers will be female founders, along with some distinguished guests, who will share practical advice from their own experience. Learn from these founders how they got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.

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