Female Founders Conference On March 1

xxcombinatorGenevieve Pearson and the other two finalists were women on season 1 of King of the Nerds.  So that’s scientific proof right there female nerds exists.  Anyway, Y Combinator is holding a Female Founders Conference on March 1.  Application deadline to attend is February 3.  This event is an indirect result of Paul Graham saying he was recently accused of believing things he doesn’t believe about women as programmers and startup founders. Continue reading

Help Immunity Project HIV/AIDS Vaccine Raise $482K In The Next 26 Days

immunityImmunity Project is a non-profit organization on track to begin testing an HIV vaccine by year’s end.  The organization has been working on this project since 2010 using a unique approach.  Immunity Project is currently having a tax-deductible fundraiser for $482K, with over $188K already raised, towards its final experiment required before Phase I clinical trials. Continue reading

Apple iOS 7 iBeacon Is A Big Opportunity: A New Platform for Micro-Location Using Bluetooth LE [Video]

ios7-sdkApple iOS 7 iBeacon is a big opportunity for startups and developers.  iBeacon’s potential is like iPhone App Store in 2008: early iBeacon-enabled products will get all the attention.  New markets could result from novel and innovative uses for this technology.  iBeacon has specific opportunities for both apps and devices.  Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth profile is part of Apple’s iOS Core Location Framework.  Understanding iBeacon also requires a quick discussion of Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart. Continue reading