21st Century Healthcare: drchrono (YC W11) & Eligible (YC S12)

Health in the new year is on a lot of peoples’ minds as we enter 2013.  Two interesting articles recently about YC-funded healthcare startups drchrono and Eligible. drchrono is building out a new service called onpatient, reports TechCrunch.  Onpatient seeks to be the de facto online source for patient medical records and integrates with drchrono.  drchrono (YC […]

Apple iOS 7 iBeacon Is A Big Opportunity: A New Platform for Micro-Location Using Bluetooth LE [Video]

Apple iOS 7 iBeacon is a big opportunity for startups and developers.  iBeacon’s potential is like iPhone App Store in 2008: early iBeacon-enabled products will get all the attention.  New markets could result from novel and innovative uses for this technology.  iBeacon has specific opportunities for both apps and devices.  Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth profile is part of Apple’s […]

Eligible Processing 10,000 Transactions/Day, Raises $2M

Eligible is processing more than 10,000 insurance eligibility requests per day, reports PandoDaily.  Those transactions are across over 700 insurance companies.  Eligible, from YC Summer 2012, is a company I previously wrote about in the healthcare space .  New Obamacare mandates require that insurance companies automate responses to coverage requests.  Eligible addresses this challenge by providing a set […]


General Description
Dr. Chrono
  • Batch: ycw11
  • Location: Mountain View
  • CrunchBase: drchrono-com
  • Hacker News: n/a
  • Status: live
  • Market: medical industry
Drchrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients. The company addresses the critical needs of today's healthcare sector by providing a platform for the core needs of any medical practice through free cloud EHR technology with a focus on iPad. The primary focus is on iPad healthcare.