21st Century Healthcare: drchrono (YC W11) & Eligible (YC S12)


Star of LifeHealth in the new year is on a lot of peoples’ minds as we enter 2013.  Two interesting articles recently about YC-funded healthcare startups drchrono and Eligible.

drchrono is building out a new service called onpatient, reports TechCrunch.  Onpatient seeks to be the de facto online source for patient medical records and integrates with drchrono.  drchrono (YC W11) is a medical platform for doctors and patients.  drchrono uses the portability of the iPad to make patient Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) more accessible and also speed-up the process of patient check-in.

Eligible (YC S12) is creating a set of technical interfaces that enable interoperability of the myriad data systems between doctors and insurance companies.  A major goal with Eligible is reduction of the time that it takes healthcare providers to conclude whether a patient’s insurance provider will pay for specific services and procedures.  TechCrunch details how Obamacare mandates and also the financial benefits to the medical industry create a very real opportunity for Eligible.

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