Help Immunity Project HIV/AIDS Vaccine Raise $482K In The Next 26 Days

Immunity Project is a non-profit organization on track to begin testing an HIV vaccine by year’s end.  The organization has been working on this project since 2010 using a unique approach.  Immunity Project is currently having a tax-deductible fundraiser for $482K, with over $188K already raised, towards its final experiment required before Phase I clinical […]

Zidisha Is International Microlending, Immunity Project Is An HIV Vaccine; Two Nonprofits Currently Doing Y Combinator

Funding non-profit organizations was a new initiative announced by Y Combinator in September.  Assistance to these organizations from YC includes a charitable contribution and the same techniques used to help startups.  Two non-profits have recently announced their participation in YC W14: Zidisha and Immunity Project.  Both of these organizations address global problems they’ve been working on for […]


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Immunity Project is a revolutionary vaccine platform being developed by scientists and entrepreneurs at Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. This vaccination approach relies on people medically identified as "controllers." Controllers are statistically rare individuals whose immune systems can target the biological markers of a specific virus, forcing the virus into a dormant state. Immunity Project's first vaccine transforms everybody that uses it into an HIV controller.