Apple iOS 7 iBeacon Is A Big Opportunity: A New Platform for Micro-Location Using Bluetooth LE [Video]

Apple iOS 7 iBeacon is a big opportunity for startups and developers.  iBeacon’s potential is like iPhone App Store in 2008: early iBeacon-enabled products will get all the attention.  New markets could result from novel and innovative uses for this technology.  iBeacon has specific opportunities for both apps and devices.  Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth profile is part of Apple’s […]

YC S13 Demo Day

Y Combinator is having its semi-annual Demo Day today.  This time it’s for YC S13, which contains 53 companies.  By Demo Day, most of these companies have already launched in the technical press.  As of writing this, I already have 45 of the 53 companies in YC S13 on my complete list of known Y […]


General Description
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  • Status: live
  • Market: devices, hardware, components (manufactured goods)
IXI-play is an 8" tall Android-powered robot with three apps: baby monitor, language learning, and emotion/animal cards.