Stripe Is The Next Dropbox Or Airbnb

Dropbox Airbnb Stripe Patrick Collison John Collison Auctomatic Live Current Media PayPal Elon Musk Peter Thiel Max Levchin On Quora and elsewhere, the question I get asked most often about Y Combinator is… “Who’s the next Dropbox or Airbnb?”  I’m now confident enough to call it: Stripe is the next Dropbox or Airbnb. Stripe is very popular with developers, [...]

Who Is Y Combinator

Below are the Y Combinator partners, the people that decide YC applications and advise startups.  In addition to these people, YC alumni also frequently sit in on interviews and influence the decision-making process. Partners That Advise Full-Time Name Description Paul Graham Paul Graham is a programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist. He is known for his [...]