Stripe Is The Next Dropbox Or Airbnb


stripeOn Quora and elsewhere, the question I get asked most often about Y Combinator is… “Who’s the next Dropbox or Airbnb?”  I’m now confident enough to call it: Stripe is the next Dropbox or Airbnb.

Stripe is very popular with developers, a good indicator for Google-like success.  And like Airbnb, Stripe presumably makes money from every transaction.  I admittedly don’t know anything about Stripe’s financials.  However, Stripe received YC funding less than a few years ago.  Top Silicon Valley VC’s that do know Stripe’s numbers already have Stripe’s most recent valuation estimated at 500 million dollars.  And SecondMarket informally has Stripe valued at a billion dollars.  Stripe also keeps generating positive news, by improving its serviceglobal expansion (first to Canadathen the U.K.), and today by making its first acquisition.

Stripe also has tiger blood and adonis DNA.  Seriously.  Founders Patrick Collison and John Collison are included in Forbes 30 Under 30.  Prior to Stripe, Patrick Collison, who studied math at M.I.T., already had start-up success by co-founding Auctomatic, which was acquired in 2008 by Live Current Media for an estimated five million dollars.  And Stripe’s investors include PayPal founders Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Max Levchin.

Stripe is the next Dropbox or Airbnb.

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