Stripe Is The Next Dropbox Or Airbnb

Dropbox Airbnb Stripe Patrick Collison John Collison Auctomatic Live Current Media PayPal Elon Musk Peter Thiel Max Levchin On Quora and elsewhere, the question I get asked most often about Y Combinator is… “Who’s the next Dropbox or Airbnb?”  I’m now confident enough to call it: Stripe is the next Dropbox or Airbnb. Stripe is very popular with developers, [...]

New Payment Solutions from Balanced, WePay, & Stripe

Balanced WePay Stripe Financial services and payment processing comprise well over a dozen of the companies funded by Y Combinator.  Balanced, WePay, and Stripe have all recently announced new products for businesses. Balanced has added support for bank payments to its API, as reported by TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler.  This new functionality enables third-party developers to [...]