Crocodoc Acquired By Box

Crocodoc Box Dropbox Crocodoc has been acquired by Box, announced by Box via press release and Crocodoc’s company blog.  Crocodoc is a YC W10 company that makes document-management technology that is used primarily by businesses.  Crocodoc’s products include software that converts Microsoft Office files into HTML5, secure document embedding and sharing solutions, and workflow collaboration tools.  This acquisition [...]

Zenefits Is Convenient Human Resources

Zenefits Zenefits seeks to eliminate the frustration of human resources.  The company started as a California insurance broker for small businesses, providing group coverage quotes for medical, dental, and vision.  Zenefits made two announcements this week: a new payroll processing service and also expansion to New York.

Parse Acquired By Facebook

Parse Facebook Parse has been acquired by Facebook, as announced today on the Parse company blog and Facebook Developer blog.  Parse is a platform-as-a-service for creating full-featured mobile apps.  The “Heroku for mobile” went through YC S11 and now powers more than 60,000 apps.  Comments from Parse and Facebook indicate this acquisition addresses long-term objectives [...]

Posterous Alternatives

Posterous Twitter Weebly Posthaven Posterous, from YC S08, will shut down on April 30.  The team behind the popular “share anything” blogging platform was acqui-hired by Twitter in March 2012.  If you use Posterous and have waited until the last minute to move your blogs, you still have some options.  Those options include Weebly and [...]

Reddit Plans Strategic Partnerships

reddit Ellen Pao Reddit, from YC’s original batch in 2005, has recently hired startup investor Ellen Pao.  According to the announcement, the past few months have been a time of unprecedented growth for reddit.  Ms. Pao’s role at the company involves managing strategic partnerships that benefit the community.  She’s previously served as an advisor to [...]

COLOURlovers Is A Visual Community

COLOURlovers CHROMAom COLOURlovers enables you to create color palettes, share custom patterns, name colors, and discuss color inspiration ideas.  Over a million user-submitted color palettes is the site’s feature attraction, all of which can be downloaded in various formats.  COLOURlovers has various tools for selecting colors that work well together, gathering color palettes from photos, and customizing [...]

Dropbox Expands Into The Enterprise

Dropbox Microsoft Exchange Box Workday PeopleSoft Heroku Dropbox for Business is the new name of Dropbox for Teams, announced today on the Dropbox company blog.  Prior to this announcement, Dropbox has clearly been building an arsenal to stake its claim in the highly-profitable market of enterprise software.  Disruptive enterprise solutions have gained a lot of [...]

Kytetime Lets Parents Monitor Smartphones

Kytetime Kytephone Kytetime is an app and service that enables parents to monitor their teen’s Android smartphone.  The app, available on Google Play, lets parents schedule when apps can be accessed and uses the smartphone’s GPS to track their kid’s whereabouts.  The service, Parent Dashboard, uses the app’s data to create reports about app usage, [...]

Bitcoin Is The New Gold Rush

Bitcoin PG Coinbase Bitcoin reminds me both of the personal computer revolution and the mid-1990s Digital Revolution.  Both were moments in history that resulted in entirely new industries that changed how people do business and created new wealth in the process.  Bitcoin has recently shown signs of being a similarly disruptive innovation.

Coinbase Is A YC-Funded Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase Reddit Brian Armstrong Airbnb Fred Ehrsam Coinbase, from YC S12, is a Bitcoin money transfer service.  Coinbase serves as a Bitcoin wallet, which is a personal virtual piggybank for saving, spending, and receiving Bitcoins.  Bitcoin is decentralized, not backed by any government, and presently lacks legal regulations or any form of deposit insurance like FDIC.  Therefore, choosing [...]