SpaceBase Is Spatial Database Software And In-Memory Data Grid For MMORPG Games And Many Other Real-World Uses

SpaceBase, by Parallel Universe, is real-time spatial database server software for applications that require very low latencies or very frequent updates.  Geometric structuring of data has many practical uses.  Massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG), military simulations, c4i systems, certain graphing scenarios, and dynamic moving object location services all rely on solutions like SpaceBase.  Understanding spatial data […]

PG on Fundraising Inefficiency, YC Stats

Paul Graham recently interviewed with TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler at the PreMoney Conference.  The discussion focused on the current inefficiency in Series A fundraising, including a possible solution.  Mr. Graham also mentioned the current state of Y Combinator and provided updated amounts regarding its portfolio.

Hacker News Gets An Upgrade

Hacker News is upgrading to a new server, as originally reported on Hacker News.  The site should be down for “around 10 minutes” during the switch to the new server at about 6 a.m. EST on Saturday.  According to the post comments, Hacker News gets visits from 200,000 unique i.p.s on weekdays and just under […]

Virtual Reality: Real Products for Cyberspace

Virtual reality got me interested in technology in the early 1990′s.  Two decades ago, “cyberspace” was still an exciting new concept.  I’ve met several virtual reality pioneers over the years, including VPL Research co-founder Jaron Lanier, hardware hacker Mitch Altman, and cyberpunk sci-fi author Rudy Rucker.  The vision for virtual reality was the ability to put on a […]

YC W14 Demo Day

Y Combinator held today its semi-annual Demo Day.  This time it’s for YC W14, which contains 64 companies.  57 of these startups either presented at today’s demo day or have already launched in the press.  Below are all the known companies in YC W14.

Zidisha Is International Microlending, Immunity Project Is An HIV Vaccine; Two Nonprofits Currently Doing Y Combinator

Funding non-profit organizations was a new initiative announced by Y Combinator in September.  Assistance to these organizations from YC includes a charitable contribution and the same techniques used to help startups.  Two non-profits have recently announced their participation in YC W14: Zidisha and Immunity Project.  Both of these organizations address global problems they’ve been working on for […]

Imagine If Aaron Swartz Had Lived

Aaron Swartz’ death a year ago was absolutely a tragedy.  The grand jury indictment conceded Aaron had legitimate access to JSTOR through Harvard’s Center for Ethics.  Even though the alleged hacking occurred at MIT, how could he “steal” documents that were free?  If Aaron had no prior criminal record, why did a plea bargain require prison time?  Questions […]


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