BufferBox (YC S12) Acquired by Google

BufferBox Google Amazon.com BufferBox has been acquired by Google, reports an article on Business Insider.  BufferBox is “an automated, self-serve kiosk to eliminate the frustrations and hassle involved with failed parcel deliveries. BufferBox has successfully deployed our first kiosk that allows for 24/7 pick-up of parcels at a convenient location” (CrunchBase).  BufferBox graduated from Y Combinator’s most [...]

YC Applying / Interviewees

Introduction This page contains tips on how to get into Y Combinator, including how to apply and the interview process.  There’s also a collection of links to more than 30 blog entries about real YC interview experiences. Applying To Y Combinator About 3% of YC applicants will get an interview.  You’ll need a winning YC [...]

Y Combinator Companies

Y Combinator Companies This is the most comprehensive and well-researched list anywhere on the Internet of companies funded by Y Combinator. As of Spring 2013, this list includes details of an investment portfolio consisting of more than 450 companies, in over 40 markets, totaling 9 million dollars invested across 16 semi-annual rounds since 2005. This [...]

Who Is Y Combinator

Below are the Y Combinator partners, the people that decide YC applications and advise startups.  In addition to these people, YC alumni also frequently sit in on interviews and influence the decision-making process. Partners That Advise Full-Time Name Description Paul Graham Paul Graham is a programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist. He is known for his [...]