Recent Fundraising: Virool ($6.6 Million), PagerDuty ($10.7 M), 42 Floors ($12.3 M), Cloudant (“Undisclosed”)

PG Virool Alex Debelov PagerDuty Andreessen Horowitz 42 Floors NEA Bessemer Venture Partners Thrive Capital Columbus Nova Technology Partners Jason Freeman Cloudant Samsung Venture Investment Corp. The 464 startups prior to YC’s current batch have each raised an average of $3.18 million dollars, according to a recent tweet by Paul Graham.  The math on that [...]

Y Combinator Replaces $150k Start Fund With $80k VC Program

Start Fund Yuri Milner SV Angel Andreessen Horowitz General Catalyst Maverick Capital Y Combinator announced today that its replacing the $150k Start Fund with a new $80k VC Program. The “Start Fund” was a convertible note investment of $150,000 originally made by Yuri Milner and SV Angel to every YC startup. The program began with [...]