Smartwatch+ Wins Pebble App Challenge

Smartwatch+ has won the Pebble App Challenge.  The contest began with 218 contestants.  Public voting resulted in 16 finalist apps.  Finalists competed throughout this week in a series of bracket-based votes by registered Pebble users.  The final match-up was Smartwatch+ against Glance.  All  sixteen finalists each receive a Pebble Steel.  The developer of Smartwatch+, Robert Hesse, also […]

Project Runway: Wearable Devices Edition

New York Fashion Week is going on right now.  Samsung also just showed off their new Gear smartwatch.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I intentionally wrote 8 Fashion-Related Startups Funded By YC earlier this year when wearable electronics were being widely discussed.  More collaboration between these two markets, Fashion and Devices, could result in some very inspiring products.  Here are […]

Pebble Smart Watch (YC W11) Begins Shipping To Customers

Pebble will finally begin shipping its e-paper smart watch to customers on January 23, CEO Eric Migicovsky announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show.  The genesis for Pebble was inPulse, a Bluetooth-enabled “ambient information display” for Blackberry that was part of YC Winter 2011. Better hardware technology and the popularity of iOS and Android resulted in a […]


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