New Markets Funded By Y Combinator

With each successive round, Y Combinator frequently funds new markets of startups that solve existing problems for other YC companies and the greater startup ecosystem.  I’ve recently been able to identify sixteen such companies in five new markets.


General Description
Keychain Logistics
  • Batch: ycs12
  • Location:
  • CrunchBase: n/a
  • Hacker News: n/a
  • Status: live
  • Market: logistics, shipping, and warehousing
Keychain Logistics directly connects truckers with shippers. Trucking is an extremely fragmented marketplace. Brokers connect shippers with truckers, but they don't know where the trucks actually are. Truckers are also fragmented and dispersed throughout the country through mom-and-pop shops. It can be hard to find a shipment, especially on a return trip. Keychain Logistics knows where the truckers are and says that one in every 500 trucks are already on the platform.