Pebble Still The Only Smartwatch That Works With iPhone, Now Priced To Move

I bought a Pebble smartwatch today at Best Buy.  Special holiday pricing ($119), a $30 instant coupon for anybody with a .edu email address, and extended return policy all influenced the purchase.  I had also been waiting for more apps and watchfaces.  Here’s my first impression of Pebble having finally bought the smartwatch.

Pebble Smartwatch Steps Up With New Website To Promote Its Product Now At Best Buy & AT&T Retailers

Pebble Smartwatch recently unveiled its new website.  The new design is more consistent with the product’s actual market.  The overall tone is more bright and active, with a bolder visual layout.  Pebble’s new website addresses comments in a previous post (Pebble Smartwatch, Now At AT&T And Best Buy, Needs To Get Aggressive).  I also have […]

Pebble Smartwatch, Now At AT&T And Best Buy, Needs To Get Aggressive

Pebble has the right concept for a smartwatch: easy-to-use and inexpensive.  Younger people typically have less money, but are very active and willing to try new things.  Pebble can also ship a real product, as I recently verified with my own eyes.  Pebble Smartwatch is available now at Best Buy retailers, right there on store […]

MYO Armband: Unleash Your Inner Jedi

Thalmic Labs is a startup in YC’s current batch.  Demo Day is still a few weeks away, but Thalmic Labs’ MYO Armband has already gotten buzz from press like Engadget, Wired, and NewScientist.  MYO (rhymes with Leo) gets its name from the Greek “myos”, meaning “muscle”.  Wearing the one-size-fits-all armband allows gesture control of your computer or smartphone.  MYO […]


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