Food Discovery, Catering, & Restaurant Technology Funded By Y Combinator


abundanceFood discovery, catering, & restaurant technology represent about a half dozen startups funded by Y Combinator.  Goldbely is the newest of these, from YC’s current batch (YC W13).  Goldbely’s team of explorers find local favorites all over the country,  makes the delicious dishes available online, and ships the food to customers.  Other YC-funded food-related startups include ZeroCater, Foodoro, and E la Carte.  ZeroCater works by crafting orders based on your taste preferences and dietary restrictions, sending your orders to its network of top restaurants and chefs, and then delivers the meals directly to your event or office.  Foodoro is a marketplace where people can buy specialty food directly from artisanal foodmakers.  E la Carte provides custom tablet computers to restaurants that enable patrons to browse the menu, order food, and even play games all from their table.

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