Support, Get Official HN T-Shirt

Teespring Watsi Support non-profit and get an official Hacker News t-shirt. is a startup that allows people to crowdfund awesome custom apparel with no up-front cost and no risk. enables people to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need,  as previously reported here.  Teespring and Watsi are teaming up for a [...]

Y Combinator’s Universe

Y Combinator’s universe is more vast than you might initially think.  There’s Y Combinator itself, consisting of at least 14 partners and advisors.  Paul Graham inherently means YC’s universe includes the Lisp programming language and Arc dialect.  The other partners are also all interesting characters, like Robert T. Morris and the Gmail creator, Paul “Don’t Be Evil” [...]

YCW13 Companies

FlightCar Goldbely Meldium Microryza Padlet Screenhero Semantics3 SimplyInsured Strikingly Swish Thalmic Labs Unmanned Innovations Watsi Wevorce Zaranga Zenefits YCW13 is winding down towards Demo Day on March 26.  About a month before Demo Day, the companies start showing up in the press.  Professional courtesy is that I don’t add companies to the YC Companies page until [...]

Hacker News Turns Six

Hacker News Hacker News had its sixth birthday yesterday.  You can read the original announcement from February 20, 2007 at  Also check out the traffic history going all the way back. Hacker News began as “Startup News” after YC had funded “about a hundred people”.  At that point, “it didn’t work well anymore to [...]

Hacker Monthly: Hacker News in Print

Hacker Monthly Hacker News Netizens Media Mondo 2000 Wired Hacker Monthly takes the top voted articles on Hacker News each month and puts them together in magazine format, available in both digital download and print versions.  They also have a Twitter account.  The magazine is a product of Netizens Media, “an indie web production company… [...]

Hacker News Gets An Upgrade

Hacker News RTM Hacker News is upgrading to a new server, as originally reported on Hacker News.  The site should be down for “around 10 minutes” during the switch to the new server at about 6 a.m. EST on Saturday.  According to the post comments, Hacker News gets visits from 200,000 unique i.p.s on weekdays [...]

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Note-worthy Articles Site / URL Description Women of Y Combinator (TechCrunch) Y Combinator’s Growing Number Of Women & All-Female Start-Ups How Does Y Combinator Scale Y Combinator (TechCrunch) How Does Y Combinator Scale Y Combinator FamilyLeaf (YC W12) Video Presentation At YC Demo Day FamilyLeaf (YC W12) Video Presentation At YC Demo Day SocialCam (YC [...] Is YC’s First Non-Profit Investment

Watsi PG Watsi enables you to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need.  Watsi is also the first non-profit investment by Y Combinator, according to a post today by Paul Graham.  How Watsi works is by letting you browse profiles to find a person you’d like to support, funding their treatment, and [...]

Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

Aaron Swartz Reddit Aaron Swartz, famed hacker and Internet activist, passed on at the age of 26 on Friday, January 11.  Hacker News has at least fifty discussion threads related to Aaron’s passing.  Aaron worked on Reddit in YC’s original batch in summer 2005.  He also co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification, created the original framework for Python, and co-founded the online [...]

YC Applying / Interviewees

Introduction This page contains tips on how to get into Y Combinator, including how to apply and the interview process.  There’s also a collection of links to more than 30 blog entries about real YC interview experiences. Applying To Y Combinator About 3% of YC applicants will get an interview. You’ll need a winning YC [...]