Watsi.org Is YC’s First Non-Profit Investment


watsiWatsi enables you to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need.  Watsi is also the first non-profit investment by Y Combinator, according to a post today by Paul Graham.  How Watsi works is by letting you browse profiles to find a person you’d like to support, funding their treatment, and then receiving an update of the outcome.  The result is changing the world “one treatment, one person, and one life at a time.”  Watsi uses 100% of donations to fund medical procedures, raising money separately to fund its operations. According to Paul Graham, he discovered this start-up after Watsi posted about their launch on Hacker News.  ”Technology can now put a face on need… and when you see them as individuals it’s hard to ignore them… I’ve never been so excited about anything we’ve funded.”

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