Hacker Monthly: Hacker News in Print


hacker_monthlyHacker Monthly takes the top voted articles on Hacker News each month and puts them together in magazine format, available in both digital download and print versions.  They also have a Twitter account.  The magazine is a product of Netizens Media, “an indie web production company… based in Malaysia”.  Hacker Monthly is not new.  The magazine has been in print since June 2010 and currently has 33 monthly issues.   Hacker Monthly has also done two special issues, about Startup Marketing and Startup Stories.  Articles range from such topics as The Messy Art of UX Sketching and Building a Naive Bayes Classifier to A Guide to Networking in Silicon Valley and How to Become Batman.  Reviews about Hacker Monthly have described it as having “attention to detail in design and editorial selection for thematic issues”, similar to Mondo 2000 and early Wired.  Worth checking out.

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