Kamcord Gameplay Sharing Now In Unreal Engine For iOS / Android

Kamcord is now natively supported in Unreal Engine 3 for iOS and Android.  Developers using Unreal Engine can offer Kamcord’s free platform to record, replay, and share in-game experiences.  Monster 500, a kart-style racing game already on iTunes AppStore and Google Play, is a great example of Kamcord integration with Unreal Engine 3.  I wrote about Kamcord in November […]


General Description
Humble Bundle
  • Batch: ycw11
  • Location: San Francisco
  • CrunchBase: humble-bundle
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  • Status: live
  • Market: games and game features
Humble Bundle is an innovative distributor of online games. Humble Bundle chooses several games to package together, and then offers the "bundle" to users as a single download. Users get to name their own price, and even allocate percentages of their payment to the specific game developers or select charities. Bundles only last for a limited time, but come free of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.