Dropbox Acquires YC Startups Loom And Hackpad

Dropbox has acquired Hackpad and Loom, two startups both from YC W12.  Loom’s team will work on Dropbox Carousel, according to the announcement on Loom’s company blog.  Hackpad will continue to be supported for both existing and new customers, as indicated in Hackpad’s announcement.  These acquisitions are the third and fourth acquisitions of YC-funded startups by Dropbox, which itself has the highest […]

Crocodoc Acquired By Box

Crocodoc has been acquired by Box, announced by Box via press release and Crocodoc’s company blog.  Crocodoc is a YC W10 company that makes document-management technology that is used primarily by businesses.  Crocodoc’s products include software that converts Microsoft Office files into HTML5, secure document embedding and sharing solutions, and workflow collaboration tools.  This acquisition is an exciting […]

Dropbox Expands Into The Enterprise

Dropbox for Business is the new name of Dropbox for Teams, announced today on the Dropbox company blog.  Prior to this announcement, Dropbox has clearly been building an arsenal to stake its claim in the highly-profitable market of enterprise software.  Disruptive enterprise solutions have gained a lot of attention in recent months.

Dropbox Integrated Into Yahoo! Mail

Dropbox is now available in Yahoo! Mail, reports both the Dropbox company blog and Yahoo! Mail blog.  The integration of Dropbox (YC S07) allows Yahoo! Mail users to both attach Dropbox files to new emails and save file attachments directly to Dropbox.  The Dropbox-Yahoo! partnership is a good deal for everybody: users, Dropbox, and especially Yahoo!.


General Description
  • Batch: ycw11
  • Location: Mountain View
  • CrunchBase: mailgun
  • Hacker News: old-gregg
  • Status: acquired by Rackspace (terms undisclosed)
  • Market: search tech and messaging (contacts, email, sms, text)
Mailgun provides a web service for integrating email inboxes into apps. Just as Twilio enables developers to build voice and SMS into their apps, Mailgun enables developers to tightly integrate email into their apps, i.e. give real email mailboxes to their users, their web pages or any objects in their apps.