Big Data is Big Business

Consider the companies selling big data products: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, EMC.  Generally speaking, big data refers to extremely large volumes of unstructured data.  Such data is also called “dark data“, because it results in missed opportunities when not put to immediate use.  Problem is not enough talented people are working on big data.  And that means the market […]

YCW13 Companies

YCW13 is winding down towards Demo Day on March 26.  About a month before Demo Day, the companies start showing up in the press.  Professional courtesy is that I don’t add companies to the YC Companies page until I see them announce publicly on sites like TechCrunch, Hacker News, and the official YC Posterous. Right now, […]


General Description
  • Batch: ycw13
  • Location:
  • CrunchBase: n/a
  • Hacker News: n/a
  • Status: live
  • Market: tools, data visualization, and big data
Semantics3 has the aim of making structured data from across the web easily accessible to all. We specialize in crawling, curating and merging data at scale from a variety of sources. This data is indexed along several dimensions and made available for developers to harness and innovate upon by means of an API. Currently, our primary offering is our Products Data API. With this API, developers can build sophisticated models to track prices across a wide variety of products, easily build shopping comparison engines, enrich e-commerce stores with rich metadata and more. Currently our Products database has more than 20 million products listed and is growing by 5 million products per month.