MYO Armband: Unleash Your Inner Jedi

Thalmic Labs Thalmic Labs is a startup in YC’s current batch.  Demo Day is still a few weeks away, but Thalmic Labs’ MYO Armband has already gotten buzz from press like Engadget, Wired, and NewScientist.  MYO (rhymes with Leo) gets its name from the Greek “myos”, meaning “muscle”.  Wearing the one-size-fits-all armband allows gesture control of your computer or [...]

YCW13 Companies

FlightCar Goldbely Meldium Microryza Padlet Screenhero Semantics3 SimplyInsured Strikingly Swish Thalmic Labs Unmanned Innovations Watsi Wevorce Zaranga Zenefits YCW13 is winding down towards Demo Day on March 26.  About a month before Demo Day, the companies start showing up in the press.  Professional courtesy is that I don’t add companies to the YC Companies page until [...]