Exec Creates Jobs As It Expands To New York, L.A., Chicago, & Boston


ExecOver 11,000 people have applied to be Exec contractors, says Justin Kan in a talk with TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook.  Exec’s vision is being able to easily solve all of consumers’ local services problems.  Mr. Kan says Exec’s biggest challenges in fulfilling that vision primarily involve the logistics of building a service that scales and consumers enjoy.

Exec previously redesigned its website as it expanded to San Diego.  Exec also released an app to book home cleanings directly from your iPhone about the same time as expanding to Seattle.  Earlier this month, Exec expanded its cleaning services to four more cities: Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.  The challenge of scaling to these new markets involved coordinating all the real-world logistics of customers, workers, and job applicants.  Justin Kan says Exec solved the challenge by significantly upgrading its backend infrastructure.

The TechCrunch interview also spends a few moments with Martina and Theresa, a team of cleaners for Exec in New York.  The team says they like using only eco-friendly cleaning supplies, having flexible hours, and Exec’s approach to communicating with workers.

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