99dresses Takes Clothes Swapping On-The-Go With New iPhone App


99dresses99dresses enables women to trade their high-end gently-used garments and accessories.  The result is a virtual endless closet of clothes.  99dresses announced on its blog today the release of its new iPhone app.  Nikki Durkin is 99dresses co-founder and CEO.  Ms. Durkin recently interviewed with Fast Company, about being a female in tech and establishing 99dresses in the U.S. from her native Australia.


99dresses iPhone app

99dresses new iPhone app allows women to list clothing items and swap them for something different, all with the touch of a button.  Garments are organized in twelve categories: dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, outerwear, jeans, pants, jumpsuits, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry.  Showrooms display various prices and styles of fashion.  Listings can be browsed by specific users.  People with quality items and similar taste can be followed.  Clothing trades are sorted by giving and receiving. iPhone’s camera can also be used from within the 99dresses app to quickly take pictures of garments and create listing.

“We can complain about lack of women in tech, but I see it as a massive advantage because I am female,” says Nikki Durkin in an interview with Fast Company.  She continues “There aren’t that many women in tech, which means that there are a lot problems that aren’t being solved.  Guys aren’t going to think of solving the same problems as girls.  That’s why there’s so much opportunity for women who want to get into tech: They can actually solve these problems and offer different perspectives than men.”

The interview also discusses moving 99dresses from Australia to the U.S. “I was starry-eyed.  I was a 20-year-old girl going to America for the first time, which was a huge deal for me, and went to Silicon Valley, which is what I’d been hearing about for ages.”  Nikki Durkin seems to be building a positive example for women in tech.  ”I was on the front page of one of the major newspapers in Australia… for an article about Australians going to Silicon Valley… They put me above the fold on the front page of one of the biggest newspapers in Australia.”

99dresses new free iPhone app is available now on App Store.


Nikki Durkin, 99dresses co-founder

Nikki Durkin, 99dresses co-founder


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