Airbnb Hosts Five-Day “Hello L.A.” Event With James Franco, Moby, Anjelica Huston, Lake Bell, & Molly Sims


airbnbHello L.A. is a five-day event hosted by Airbnb that is going on right now.  Airbnb’s press release says Hello L.A. is “a five day hospitality experience celebrating the most interesting people, places, and experiences in Los Angeles.”  As Entertainment Weekly writes, Hello L.A. lasts from September 27 until October 1, featuring celebrities hosting and designing Airbnb pop-up listings (“pods”) in iconic local destinations.  Celebrities include James Franco, Anjelica Huston, Moby, Molly SimsLake Bell, and designer Robin Bell.

Angelica Huston's Venice pop-up

Anjelica Huston’s Venice pop-up

“Airbnb is an access point to hyperlocal experiences,” said an Airbnb rep speaking with Los Angeles Magazine.  ”When we were looking at L.A. and thinking what we love so much about it, it came down to diversity and culture… There are micro-cultures wrapped around vast neighborhoods, and each neighborhood has a specific flavor and identity.  It’s a city where local knowledge gives you access to incredible experiences… The reason Airbnb picked five pop-ups was to enable locals in those neighborhoods to interact without having to leave.  It wouldn’t have done L.A. justice to do one big event.”

James Franco's Hollywood Forever pop-up

James Franco’s Hollywood Forever pop-up

Iconic L.A. locations are the setting for these Airbnb Hello L.A. popup listings: The Viper Room, The Arts District, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, The Cook’s Garden by HGEL in Venice, and The Grove.  Celebrity hosts will also make an appearance at their pop-up during a special event, some of which are free and open to the public.  The design palette for each listing is a true reflection of the celebrity’s individual style and vision of Los Angeles, complete with their favorite décor, including art, color and texture.  Additionally, each pop-up will feature the celebrity’s music playlist along with a guide to the celebrity’s local hangouts from their favorite restaurants to their late night haunts.

Here’s information about all five Hello L.A. events:


James Franco curates a nostalgic journey through Hollywood history.

James Franco curated the Hollywood Cemetery pop-up, which takes guests on a nostalgic journey through Hollywood history.  Visitors can reflect on the evolution of art and performance while surrounded by the spirits of Hollywood legends. On Monday, September 30 from 8pm to 1am, guests are invited to an immersive night of art and music, courtesy of Doug Aitken’s Station to Station project, featuring music from LA-based recording artist Ariel Pink.

Anjelica Huston at Airbnb's Hello LA Event at Cook's Garden by HGEL

Anjelica Huston at Airbnb’s Hello LA Event at Cook’s Garden by HGEL.

Anjelica Huston creates an inspired space featuring sustainable techniques and natural designs.  On Sunday, September 29 from 10 am to 6 pm, guests are invited to the Airbnb backyard to celebrate the connection between community, green building and locally sourced food during the Abbot Kinney Festival.


Lake Bell's Arts District pop-up

Lake Bell’s Arts District pop-up

Lake Bell and mother, designer Robin Bell, curate The Arts District pop-up as a playful extension of L.A.’s creative spirit in the arts community with events spotlighting local artists and makers. On Sunday, September 29 from 5 pm to 6 pm, guests are invited to join hosts Lake and Robin, for a guided tour of the Arts District pod.


Moby’s Viper Room pop-up

Moby‘s pod was held yesterday, Saturday, September 28, at The Viper Room.  Guests experienced an ambient house pop-up, created by singer-songwriter, d.j., and photographer Moby.  Moby shared unreleased tracks from his new record “INNOCENTS”, (which will be released on Monday, September 30) with guests at the Silent Frisco dance party.

Molly Sims' Grove popup

Molly Sims’ Grove pop-up

Molly Sims will host an all-American, Old Hollywood party on The Park at The Grove.  The event will reflect all of Hollywood’s glamour, including pop-up performances, lawn games, and special giveaways.  On Monday, September 30 from 12 pm to 1 pm, Molly will celebrate the launch of her pop-up with a champagne toast.



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