Moon Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art AnyVivo Jellyfish Art, from YCW12, sells moon jellyfish, jellyfish tanks, and jellyfish tank accessories.  They also have a Twitter account.  Alex Andon began Jellyfish Art based on his research catching jellyfish and building aquariums while finishing his B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science at Duke University.  Moon jellyfish require special tanks because they are mostly water.  The [...]

Paul Graham On Bloomberg TV

Y Combinator PG David Hornik August Capital Airbnb Dropbox Paul Graham keeps showing up on Bloomberg TV.  Yesterday, Emily Chang of Bloomberg West did an interview with PG about billion-dollar startup valuations.  He was on there for about fifteen minutes with David Hornik of August Capital.  The take-aways from that interview are:  Y Combinator’s total value [...]

Airbnb Continues Growing, Building Castles In The Sky

Airbnb Quora Foursquare Facebook Airbnb could soon be a billion dollar a year business, explains Business Insider.  Every time I get ready to write about Airbnb they have more news.  This past November, Airbnb announced Airbnb Neighborhoods and also Local Lounges.  In December, Airbnb acquired Localmind, a popular local question and answer app that’s been described [...]

Hacker News Turns Six

Hacker News Hacker News had its sixth birthday yesterday.  You can read the original announcement from February 20, 2007 at  Also check out the traffic history going all the way back. Hacker News began as “Startup News” after YC had funded “about a hundred people”.  At that point, “it didn’t work well anymore to [...]

Exec Expands to Seattle, Justin Kan Talks With “Valley Girl”

Justin Kan Kiko Exec SocialCam Valley Girl Jesse Draper Justin Kan has been a co-founder of no less than three YC companies: Kiko,, and Exec. He’s also been involved with the founding of spin-off and Socialcam. Beyond all that, Mr. Kan is a partner and part-time advisor at Y Combinator. I [...]

Hacker News Gets An Upgrade

Hacker News RTM Hacker News is upgrading to a new server, as originally reported on Hacker News.  The site should be down for “around 10 minutes” during the switch to the new server at about 6 a.m. EST on Saturday.  According to the post comments, Hacker News gets visits from 200,000 unique i.p.s on weekdays [...]

Recent Fundraising: Virool ($6.6 Million), PagerDuty ($10.7 M), 42 Floors ($12.3 M), Cloudant (“Undisclosed”)

PG Virool Alex Debelov PagerDuty Andreessen Horowitz 42 Floors NEA Bessemer Venture Partners Thrive Capital Columbus Nova Technology Partners Jason Freeman Cloudant Samsung Venture Investment Corp. The 464 startups prior to YC’s current batch have each raised an average of $3.18 million dollars, according to a recent tweet by Paul Graham.  The math on that [...]

FarmLogs Reimagines Agriculture

FarmLogs Huron River Ventures Hyde Park Venture Partners Bill Gates Carlos Slim FarmLogs was featured today on  FarmLogs, from YC W12, is a company I previously mentioned after they raised a million dollars from Huron River Ventures and Hyde Park Venture Partners.  FarmLogs is unique for a few reasons.

Pair Becomes Couple

Pair Couple Tenthbit A-Grade Investments CrunchFund Cupple Pair has rebranded as Couple, reports VentureBeat.  The “app for two” lets couples “stay together when you’re apart” through private sharing of calendars, lists, sketches, and thumbkisses.  The mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android, resulted from Y Combinator Winter 2012 by maker Tenthbit.  It subsequently raised over 4 million dollars [...]

FarmLogs Raises $1M; PageLever, Simperium Acquired

FarmLogs PageLever Unified Simperium SimpleNote Automattic FarmLogs, from YC W12, recently raised a million dollars in seed funding, reports TheNextWeb.  FarmLogs makes software for the farming industry that enables farmers to “forecast and measure profits, track expenses, manage risk, and get informed all from one place” (CrunchBase).  FarmLogs says the funding will be used to “expand its team [...]