Bump Technologies Acquired By Google

Bump Technologies has been acquired by Google, announced on Bump’s company blog.  Bump develops mobile applications and APIs for communication between two smartphones in close proximity.  The company was in YC Summer 2009.  Bump’s initial product was an app for exchanging contact info between two smartphones by bumping them together.  The acquisition announcement states “the Bump […]

2013 In Review For Y Combinator

Y Combinator Universe published more than a hundred blog posts in 2013.   Topics covered everything from relationship apps for couples to in-memory relational databases.  I wrote about fashion startups and wearable devices.  The acquisition of a dozen companies were mentioned.  And Demo Day for two new batches were detailed, YC W13 and YC S13.  Here’s a […]


General Description
  • Batch: ycs09
  • Location: Mountain View
  • CrunchBase: bump-technologies
  • Hacker News: n/a
  • Status: acquired by google
  • Market:
Bump Technologies builds mobile applications and APIs that allow two smartphones to identify one another and connect by simply being bumped together.