SpaceBase Is Spatial Database Software And In-Memory Data Grid For MMORPG Games And Many Other Real-World Uses

SpaceBase, by Parallel Universe, is real-time spatial database server software for applications that require very low latencies or very frequent updates.  Geometric structuring of data has many practical uses.  Massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG), military simulations, c4i systems, certain graphing scenarios, and dynamic moving object location services all rely on solutions like SpaceBase.  Understanding spatial data […]

Apportable Enables iOS Apps On Android

Apportable enables iOS apps to run on Android devices.  Apportable’s platform, along with available conversion services, allow apps to be cross-compiled without extensive changes to the original codebase written in either Objective-C or C++.  And not just simple apps.  Björk, the famous Icelandic musician and actress, recently relied on Apportable to bring the complete Björk Biophilia multimedia […]

Stripe Simplifies Accepting Money Online

Stripe continues to simplify taking payments over the web.  Stripe’s company blog has recently announced three new innovations: a transfers dashboard for merchants, a new “payment experience” called Stripe Checkout, and the jQuery.payment credit card interface.  The Transfers Dashboard gives sellers a detailed history of funds paid into their bank account.  Stripe Checkout replaces the hassle […]

Airbnb: Infrastructure for Holiday Cards

Airbnb’s engineering blog has a thorough posting about how Airbnb created its “Holiday Cards” application.  The objective of Airbnb Holiday Cards was to “let guests and hosts email greeting cards to one another, with custom art from our awesome designers and a personalized message from the sender about their experience.”  The challenges with the project […]


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