Six Startups That I Recently Liked: FarmLogs, COLOURlovers, Apportable, Kytetime, FundersClub, Upverter

Between Demo Days provides time to explore existing startups.  I’ve written positive posts about more than two dozen Y Combinator companies.  There’s certainly many more great startups I’ve yet to review.  Six companies I covered awhile back worth reminding you about include FarmLogs, COLOURlovers, Apportable, Kytetime, FundersClub, and Upverter.

Apportable Enables iOS Apps On Android

Apportable enables iOS apps to run on Android devices.  Apportable’s platform, along with available conversion services, allow apps to be cross-compiled without extensive changes to the original codebase written in either Objective-C or C++.  And not just simple apps.  Björk, the famous Icelandic musician and actress, recently relied on Apportable to bring the complete Björk Biophilia multimedia […]


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