Six Startups That I Recently Liked: FarmLogs, COLOURlovers, Apportable, Kytetime, FundersClub, Upverter

Between Demo Days provides time to explore existing startups.  I’ve written positive posts about more than two dozen Y Combinator companies.  There’s certainly many more great startups I’ve yet to review.  Six companies I covered awhile back worth reminding you about include FarmLogs, COLOURlovers, Apportable, Kytetime, FundersClub, and Upverter.

FundersClub Is First SEC-Recognized Online Venture Capital Firm

FundersClub, from YC S12, is a web service that pools money from many individuals and institutions to make aggregated investments in startups.  This business model makes it easier for startups to raise money by allowing individual investors to make smaller investments (as low as $1,000).  As VentureBeat reports, FundersClub recently won a significant victory as the U.S. Securities […]

37 YC Startups Valued Over $40m Revisited

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m is a post I wrote about a month ago.  Six of the 37 companies valued over $40 million dollars were exits.  I omitted any guess as to the remaining 31 companies.  Since writing that, I’ve noted exits of seven additional companies.  I’ve also done some quick research as to […]


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financial services and payment processing
FundersClub is a web service that gives investors unprecedented access to investment opportunities and the tools to review and invest online with ease and speed. By facilitating investment with industry standard fund vehicles that have been used offline for decades, paired with a web-based screening, payments, and legal documents handling system, FundersClub is able to pool checks from many investors to make aggregated investments on behalf of individuals and institutions that were previously inaccessible to them.