Watsi.org Honored By CNN And White House


watsiWatsi.org, from YC W13, has been included on CNN’s 10 Startups to Watch in 2013.  Earlier this month, the White House also recognized Watsi co-founder Chase Adam as one of twelve Champions of Change for his contributions to crowdsourcing.  Among these honors, Watsi also represents two firsts for Y Combinator.

CNN’s 10 Startups to Watch

CNN’s 10 Startups to Watch notes that Watsi could revolutionize charity, with all money donated going directly to patient treatment.  Watsi meticulously tracks all donations and treatment costs on a public Google Doc.  The outcomes of all treatments are also disclosed on its website.  CNN’s 10 Startups to Watch recognizes “innovation in technology by highlighting 10 young companies.”  The selections are based on a list of new startups “most likely to have an impact on digital culture and the world beyond.”

White House Champions of Change

Chase Adam, Watsi’s co-founder, was recently honored as a Champion of Change by the White House among twelve crowdfunding entrepreneurs ”who exemplify the promise of crowdfunding to fuel the growth of startups, small businesses, and innovative projects across the nation.”  Champions of Change is a White House program that honors ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things to “out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.”  As part of the honor, Watsi’s founders visited the White House to share their ideas about the future.

Two Firsts For Y Combinator

Watsi represents two firsts for Y Combinator.  Watsi is Y Combinator’s first (intentionally) non-profit investment, as I originally wrote about in January.  Paul Graham is also on Watsi’s Board of Directors, announced by Watsi in April. Prior to Watsi, Paul Graham has not previously joined the Board of Directors of any company funded by Y Combinator.

More Than 450 Medical Procedures Funded Since Last Year

Through Watsi, contributors have funded more than 450 medical procedures since Watsi launched last year.  Watsi also hopes similar groups might be able to use its crowd-funding tool to support other worthy projects.  As for what’s ahead, co-founder Chase Adam states “Our first immediate goal is to be the central crowd-funding platform for health care around the world.”

Watsi’s White House “Champions of Change” Panel Discussion

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