Games People Play: Heyzap, Humble Bundle, And Kamcord Provide Discovery, Monetization, and Sharing

Winning as an independent game developer requires more than graphics, mechanics, and a soundtrack.  Hit games mean big rewards, though.  OMGPOP was acquired in 2012 for at least $180 million dollars.  Just one game, Draw Something, is largely to credit for that company’s success.  Draw Something went viral in less than two months, gaining more […]

37 YC Startups Valued Over $40m Revisited

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m is a post I wrote about a month ago.  Six of the 37 companies valued over $40 million dollars were exits.  I omitted any guess as to the remaining 31 companies.  Since writing that, I’ve noted exits of seven additional companies.  I’ve also done some quick research as to […]


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Heyzap is a social, casual, and massively-multiplayer online games monetization and distribution platform founded in 2009 by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund.

Heyzap provides website publishers a number of ways to integrate games into a website or blog, including the Heyzap Arcade, Heyzap Widget and the Heyzap API. These games allow websites to increase traffic, user retention, and visitor monetization via microtransactions.

For game developers, Heyzap provides an API enabling their games to become more social with improved authentication, sharing, inviting, and in-game payments. This enables developers to distribute their social games across the wider web and onto multiple social networks and the Heyzap Network of 290,000 websites.