OMGPOP Shut Down By Zynga

OMGPOP, from YC S07 and makers of Draw Something, was acquired last year by Zynga for $180 million dollars.  Yesterday, Zynga announced major layoffs: 520 employees (18% of its workforce) and closure of three major offices (New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas).  Based on a series of tweets by OMGPOP personnel,  those layoffs apparently include OMGPOP’s offices and […]

Games People Play: Heyzap, Humble Bundle, And Kamcord Provide Discovery, Monetization, and Sharing

Winning as an independent game developer requires more than graphics, mechanics, and a soundtrack.  Hit games mean big rewards, though.  OMGPOP was acquired in 2012 for at least $180 million dollars.  Just one game, Draw Something, is largely to credit for that company’s success.  Draw Something went viral in less than two months, gaining more […]

37 YC Startups Valued Over $40m Revisited

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m is a post I wrote about a month ago.  Six of the 37 companies valued over $40 million dollars were exits.  I omitted any guess as to the remaining 31 companies.  Since writing that, I’ve noted exits of seven additional companies.  I’ve also done some quick research as to […]

37 YC Funded Companies Valued Over $40m

“As of now, 37 YC cos have valuations of or sold for at least $40m.” That’s according to a recent tweet by Paul Graham.  Mr. Graham elaborates in a follow-up tweet that 37 is from a total 511 companies.  So about 7% of all YC companies either are, or were at the time of their […]


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acquired by zynga for $210m

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OMGPOP (formerly known as iminlikewithyou) is a free online multiplayer game site that specializes in social games. The Company started in 2006 as iminlikewithyou, a place for people to play games to meet each other and in 2009 changed its name to the shorter OMGPOP where people meet each other to play games.