Embark Acquired By Apple

Embark has been acquired by Apple, reports Jessica Lessin via 9to5Mac.com.  Embark, from YC W12, makes mobile apps that make it easy to get around on mass transit.  Embark currently covers 12 major transit systems across the U.S. and U.K., with apps on iOS and Android.  This is Apple’s first acquisition of a company funded by Y […]

New YC Investments Still Get Same Low Offers Since 2005, Portfolio Companies Potentially Worth $13.7 Billion

If your startup idea is so great, then why would you sell 7% of your startup for $20,000 dollars and some advice?  You probably wouldn’t.  Y Combinator has obviously thought of this question.  That’s why their first advice after investing is to avoid anyone else’s “lowball offers”.  That advice seems to be working so far: Valuations […]

Cue Personal Information Management Service Acquired By Apple, Cue Co-Founder Explains Product [Video]

Cue has been acquired by Apple, various sources have reported.  Cue was “a free service that helps people make the most of their day.”  The genesis of Cue was Greplin, funded in YC W10 as a personal web search engine that indexes information stored in online services.  In September 2012, Cue co-founder Daniel Gross and Robert Scoble did […]

Luma.io Acquired By Facebook

Eighteen months to two years has traditionally been the average lifespan of any startup destined to either give up or get acquired.  Luma.io announced today that it’s been acquired by Facebook’s Instagram subsidiary.  Luma.io was one of many apps pitched as an “Instagram for video,” providing video stabilization, filters, and hosting.  Yesterday, I wrote about […]


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Embark makes it easy to get around without a car. Embark builds mobile software that makes it simple to get around on mass transit. We currently cover 12 Major transit systems in the United States and the United Kingdom and have applications on iOS and Android.