Stripe Adds New Merchant Features


stripeStripe has added new support for payouts, announced on the Stripe company blog.  Payouts enable businesses to automate sending money through Stripe to bank accounts of third-party recipients.  These new features are especially useful for marketplaces, which have recently reached new levels of demand because of both smartphones and the so-called share economy.  The new payout features are one of two major updates since I last wrote about Stripe in early March.  In that post, I named Stripe as the next Dropbox or Airbnb.

Stripe also recently partnered with Parse to simplify processing payments in mobile apps.  Parse is a platform-as-a-service for creating full-featured apps that work on a variety of platforms.  Parse currently powers more than 100,000 apps.  The partnership allows developers to process payments using Stripe from within Parse.  Parse, like Stripe, is funded by Y Combinator: Stripe from YC S10, Parse from YC S11.  Subsequent to the Stripe partnership, Parse was acquired by Facebook yet continues to operate independently.

After Dropbox and Airbnb, Stripe appears to be the third most valuable company funded by Y Combinator.  Stripe was valued at $500 million dollars at its most recent round of fundraising (Series B).  Informal estimates value Stripe as much as $1 billion dollars.  Looking at my entire list of known Y Combinator companies, no other company comes to mind as having anywhere near that valuation.

Three times previously this year I’ve written about Stripe: Stripe Simplifies Accepting Money OnlineNew Payment Solutions from Balanced, WePay, & Stripe, and Stripe Is The Next Dropbox Or Airbnb.  I’m certain there will be a fifth post about Stripe.

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